The UIKit Front End for SiteOrigin Page Builder
Echelon combines Page Builder's ease of use with UIKit's modern industry leading functionality to create high quality pages at unbelievable speeds without writing code.
Over 45 widgets & features, 100 page demos and 230 interface blocks for SiteOrigin Page Builder.
UIKit Front End
Echelon combines the power of the UIKit front end with SiteOrigin ease of use to create premium level pages.
Large Block Library
We add new items to the library every week so check back often for fresh content free to subscribers.
Post Loop Templates
Use SiteOrigin drag and drop to create templates for blog, product and custom post types.
Use Any Theme
While we recommend SiteOrigin themes Echelon will work with any theme free or premium.
Modular Widgets
Unlike other plugins our widgets are designed to be modular and combined together in a flexible system.
Page Builder Enhancements
Along with our widgets Echelon integrates and improves the Page Builder panels, rows and cells.
Style Compiler
Echelon styles it's output using a global UIKit theme that you create via the WordPress Customiser.
Interactive Functionality
Echelon's widgets add tons of interactive on page functionality to your website for better engagement.
Unbelievable Speed
Creating premium level pages has never quicker (or easier) either from scratch or via our presets.
45+ SiteOrigin Widgets and Features
Our widgets and features enhance all aspects of SiteOrigin Page Builder, are easy to use and quick to style. Built on the UIkit framework they are immensely powerful with modern on trend functionality.
Drag & Drop Post Loop Templates
Use our Custom Loop widget to create an unlimited array of dynamic boxes for your post data.
Your not restricted to only blog posts, Echelon can loop and layout any custom post type using template tags and ACF fields.
20th May 2019
A day in the life of a professional developer
20th May 2019
Small businesses that leverage their social media presence
20th May 2019
Designing efficiently in the age of distraction
20th May 2019
Online to do now while making a cup of tea
Dynamic WooCommerce Widgets
With Prime its easy to use WooCommerce data inside our other widgets for dynamic, product data driven UI content.
200+ Ready to Use Interface Blocks
The library hold over 200 interface blocks and page sections that can be used individually or combined together to create interactive and feature rich pages with a couple of clicks.