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SiteOrigin Animated Gradients Feature
The SiteOrigin Animated Gradients feature adds animated gradient backgrounds to widgets, rows and cells. The gradient can run in 1 of 4 directions with up to 4 pairs of gradients.
Top bottom, left right, diagonal and radial directions.
4 pairs of gradients (states).
Variable animation speed.
Backgrounds for widgets, rows and cells.
Static gradients.
Static Gradients
Along with animated transitions a gradient with 1 state is considered static.
Background gradients are handled under a widget, row or cell's styles menu. They can flow in 4 directions and transition at variable speed. The gradients can take up to 4 states to transition between. If only 1 pair of colors are specified the gradient will be static.
Static Gradient
Diagonal & Radial
Prime adds two additional directions, diagonal and radial for a total of 4.
Left Right
Top Bottom
Animated Gradients
When more than 1 pair of colors (states) are set the gradient will transition between them at the given speed.
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Anamnisar Windy