Echelon Prime is available via two plans
Each subscription to Echelon Prime comes with enhanced features, upgraded widgets, fresh monthly content and developer support.
Get Prime for a single developer. Suitable for individuals, site owners and freelancers.
Purchase Plan
Get Prime for two or more developers. Suitable for agencies, teams and companies.
Purchase Plan
All plans come with unlimited installs, domains, websites and usage.
Subscription Length
Prime subscriptions are charged yearly with no contract.
Developer Support
We will help you implement Echelon into your workflow and theme.
Refund Policy
If you don't love Prime you can claim a refund within 14 days.
Server Requirements
Echelon supports PHP 7+ and the latest version of WordPress.
SiteOrigin Page Builder and Widget Bundle need to be installed and active.
If you don't renew your sub keep the plugin without updates or support.