SiteOrigin Button Widget
The SiteOrigin Button widget creates various buttons and links. As the buttons use dynamic styling based on your global style settings they are fast to deploy and change automatically.
Button Styles
Buttons come in a variety of styles. Transparent buttons with no background, solid buttons which use your global background color settings and text based link style buttons. Choosing a button style is handled with the Button Style Modifier.
Button Sizing
The buttons can be sized up or down from their default. Large buttons increase their size and small buttons reduce their size from the default. Sizing buttons is handled with the Button Size Modifier.
Button Rounding
The button can be square, rounded or pill shaped. Button rounding is handled by the Border Radius Modifier.
Inverse Buttons
Displaying light buttons on dark backgrounds is handled by the Inverse Modifier. Inverse uses your global inverse color for the button and background.
Button Labels
Adding labels to buttons is handled by the Label Template. The background color of the label is set independently from the button background. Setting the Label Template enables the Label Background and Label Weight Modifiers.