SiteOrigin Lightbox Gallery Widget
The SiteOrigin Lightbox Gallery widget creates flexible galleries in any layout. The lightbox can contain any Lightbox Component widget and supports transitions and overlays from the global list.
Icon Template
The Lightbox Component - Image can have icons displayed on hover to better inform that the image can be clicked. Adding the icons on hover is handled by the Icon Template.
Image Scale Modifier
Adding the image scale modifier will zoom the image in slightly when hovered or focused. The scaling effect can be used with all available templates.
Overlay Template
Overlays are available in the Prime version of the Lightbox Component - Image widget. Overlays have access to all global Position and Transition modifier lists. Setting the template to Overlay enables the relevant modifiers in the Modifiers form section.
Transition & Position
When using the Overlay Template the relevant modifiers become available in the Modifiers form section. Overlay templates can use any of the global Transition modifiers and positioned with any Position and Position Size modifier.
Slider Combination
Combining the Lightbox Component - Image widget with the Slider widget creates slider based galleries. The Slider widget can Toggle Child Transitions on either hover or slide change.
Height Modifier
To prevent images from scaling relatively to their cell when using stretched grids Echelon allows for fixing the height of the Lightbox Component - Image. The Height modifier requires a background image be set for the parent Cell. Heights are taken from your global Height settings.
Filter Combination
Combining the Lightbox Component - Image widget with the Filter widget creates filterable galleries in grid and masonry layouts.