SiteOrigin Video Widget
The SiteOrigin Video widget for displaying inline videos on your pages as well as in slider and filter widgets. The video can be set to autoplay when in view or can have a cover image and icon for better visual appearance.
Autoplay Videos
Playing videos automatically is handled by the Autoplay Modifier. Videos can be played when the page loads (True), played only via playback controls (False) or they can be played when in view and paused when not in view (Inview).
This video will play when in view and pause when not in view.
Player Controls
Players controls can be added to videos with the Controls Modifier. Controls work with all autoplay options but are recommend when autoplay is set to false.
Mute & Loop
Videos can be initially muted with the Mute Modifier and set to automatically loop with the Loop Modifier.
Cover Template
The Cover Template makes it simple to add cover images to videos. A basic cover is comprised of an image and an icon.
Cover Scale
The scale up transition is available for video covers by checking the Cover Scale Up Modifier making the video cover more obvious and adding some further user feedback to the page.